Thursday, 13 August 2015

Android App Fast Run (LayoutCast only support Mac)


Android SDK sucks. It's so slow to build and run which waste me a lot of time every day.


Facebook Buck build is fast. In some cases, it is faster than LayoutCast due to its multi-process build. The biggest problem with Buck is, it requires you to change a lot of codes, and restructs your project in small modules. Indeed, it is troublesome to just make it work properly on the existing android project, especially if you have big project. I have tried using Buck build system instead of Gradle on my test project. However, it took me a week just to make it work.
What I needs is a build tool that is easy to setup, fast as Buck, and provide a Run button in AndroidStudio. So I created LayoutCast.
LayoutCast is a little tool to help with that, it will cast every changes in your Java source code or resources (including library project) to your phone or emulator within 5 sec, and does not restart your application.
Youtube demo video:


  • Fast cast code and resource changes, usually less than 5 sec.
  • Cast does not reset your application. The running activity stack will be kept.
  • Easy to setup, only add few lines of code.
  • Support both eclipse and AndroidStudio project.
  • Provide a AndroidStudio plugin to click and cast.


  • LayoutCast only support Mac (for now)
  • Cast Java code only support ART runtime (Android 5.0)

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